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October 2008

Interested in an unforgettable meeting with the impressive wildlife and astonishing nature of Uganda? But don't want to spend a fortune on good accommodation? Then continue reading, because we have important news for you!

1.   NEW accommodation in Queen Elizabeth NP
Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda's most popular national parks and certainly a most scenic one. Teemed with wildlife, this protected area is bounded by the high mountains of the Rwenzori's in the north, stretches along the shores of Lake Edward in the west and hides the remote area of Ishasha in the south.

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Despite of the fact that Queen ElCrater Lake Queen Elizabeth National Parkizabeth is one of the most frequently visited parks in Uganda, it has always been a challenge to find good and affordable accommodation. But Great Lakes Safaris has good news for you!

We are in the middle of the constructions of a new safari accommodation, just on the border of Queen Elizabeth National Park and only 600 metres from the Equator. Located on a hill, Simba Safari Camp has spectacular views: Lake George, the Kazinga Channel and savannah plains strechting till the far horizon. The camp will feature 21 en-suite rooms, two dormitories and a well-stocked restaurant. Prices vary from USD 25 per person sharing the en-suite rooms to USD 15 per person for the dormitories.

Clean, comfortable accommodation, great location, personalized service and above all affordable prices... Keep an eye on our next newsletter and website for new developments!

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2.  Coming soon: 3-days Budget Wildlife Safari
In addition to the opening of our new Simba Safari Camp, we will also start offering scheduled safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park. These short safaris, with weekly departures from Kampala, are a perfect option if you are on a tight budget or havLeopard in Queen Elizabeth National Parke only limited time available, but want to explore the amazing flora and fauna of Uganda at its fullest!

Join us on a journey of discovery in one of Uganda's most beautiful parks. Follow the hidden tracks in the green savannah plains, make an unforgettable boat cruise at the Kazinga Channel or experience the "Tarzan feeling" in the Kyambura Gorge. Feel free to contact us for more information or enquiries!


3.  World Tourism Day
On 27th September 2008, Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Tourism Day. The celebrations took place at the Rwenzori Square in Kasese district. Besides a national conference and tourism & cultural exhibition, several new tourism products were presented:
 - the
launch of a new hiking trail in the Rwenzori Mountains
 - the opening of the Bitukura gorilla group for tourism
 - the start of Quadbike Game Safaris in Lake Mburo NP


4.  Gorilla Family crosses borders
Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced the movement of a gorilla group from Uganda into DR Congo. The Rushegura family, who used to live in Bwindi Forest National Park for years, have exchanged their home area and crossed the border to our neighbouring country in the beginning of September 2008.

A gorilla family usually maintains a home range of a radius of 24 km. These areas sometimes overlap and may lead to migration. Gorillas have been moving and crossing boundaries for years, just like elephants, buffaloes and hippos. However, since it concerns a habituated gorilla group, that used to be visited by tourists frequently, UWA will continue to monitor its movements closely.
As a result, permit bookings for Rushegura have stopped. Instead two new groups can now be visited: the Bitukura group in Ruhija and the Nsongi group in Rushaga.


5.   Permits available
In our last edition we characterized 2008 already as a tumultuous year. There has been a great run on gorilla permits, especially in the months of July and August, and inevitably many people got disappointed by the fully booked tracking dates.

But no need to worry! Great Lakes Safaris still has gorilla permits available for this year and even blocked some permits for next year's season. Thus if you want to track the mountain gorillas on any of the following dates, you are guaranteed of a permit!
      10th December 2008      3 permits available
      15th December 2008      4 permits available
      20th December 2008      6 permits available
      06th January 2009         4 permits available
      27th January 2009         4 permits available
      08th July 2009                4 permits available
      12th July 2009                4 permits available
      26th July 2009                8 permits available
      31st July 2009                8 permits available
      09th August 2009           4 permits available
      20th August 2009           8 permits available
      31st August 2009            6 permits available
Permits can be booked in combination with a tour to other national parks, completely adapted to your wishes. But book early as competition is high!


6.   Testimonial
Recently, journalist Caren Mark from the USA visited Primate Lodge Kibale. Looking back at her stay in the forest, she comments:
"Primate Lodge Kibale is treasured for its proximity to Chimpanzee trekking at Kibale National Park Headquarters but that's not all! Its improved facilities including new spacious rooms and its being plopped down right in the middle of the forest, makes it a one stop center for your safari to Kibale Forest.
This is the place where you can hear all the wildlife sounds in the comfort of your room. Some chimps even come here and take a tour around the lodge. Even animals know what is comfortable!"
Read more....



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