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June 2006

We are happy to present the second edition of the Great Lakes Safaris NEWSLETTER. Find out more about the latest news in Uganda, recent developments and our new office!

Topics in this newsletter are:

1.   New office!
Great Lakes Safaris has made a big step forward in the future! With regard to the growth in business, expansion in space seemed to be inevitable.
This month a new office has been opened in a modern, more spacious place, located in the same area. We are happy to serve you from our office in Suzie House, first floor, room 5. You are most welcome!

2.   Rebranding Uganda
"The Pearl of Africa!" The famous words of Winston Churchill when he visited Uganda. For years Uganda has been known as the pearl amoung the African countries. But now it is time to change the image and give a more striking identity to the country. In collaboration with CNN a strong media campaign was launched to brand and market the country as "Uganda... Gifted by Nature". Gifted by nature refers to the extraordinary natural beauty and the wildlife. It reflects the cultural richness and heritage. Finally, it stands for the people's hospitality and talents.

Not only the brand of the country changed, also the Uganda Tourist Board has taken on a new identity. Re-named as "Tourism Uganda" their goal is to create a fresh national image, to modernize and to carry out a more applicable logo. Combined with the worldwide campaign, Tourism Uganda is determined to create an international awareness that Uganda is truly a gift to the world!

3.   Kampala Serena Hotel
From next month the former Nile Hotel will re-open as the Kampala Serena Hotel. Being closed for one year, the hotel has been redeveloped to a five star world-class hotel including all the luxury and comfort desired by travellers.
Conveniently located in the city center, amid 17 acres of lush gardens, the new hotel features 152 spacious rooms, three restaurants, a bar, health club and international conference centre.
Serena’s properties in East Africa range from safari lodges to major hotels and beach resorts in Kenya and Tanzania. Similar to these existing accommodations, the Serena Hotel will stand out by the unique design, style, comfort and excellent service. Read more...

4.   New ferry Ssese Islands
Since February 18th the Ssese Islands have a new connection with the mainland. A new ferry departs Kalangala every day at 08.00 am in the morning and arrives in Entebbbe 3,5 hours later. At 02.00 pm the ferry departs for its return journey. The “MV Kalangala” takes more than 100 passengers, 8 big cars and 100 ton cargo. Experience the safe, reliable and comfortable way of drifting to the beautiful islands in Lake Victoria!

5.   Safety Murchison Falls
Since several months the safety in the largest national park in Uganda has been brought up for discussion. Due to twisted information and the impression that the area is insecure, published by the media, some foreign ministries are giving a negative travel advisory for Murchison Falls.
However, the organization responsible for the management of the protected areas (UWA) would like to emphasize that the national park is safe and secure for visitation by all intending visitors and tourists. In partnership with the government and security agencies, UWA has implemented measures that guarantee security for tourists. Murchison Falls National Park and all other national parks are safe and tourism programs continue normally.

6.   Meet our guide... Beki
Beki Abdallah is a valuable member of our staff. He hails from Luwero District, north of Kampala. Being a proud grandfather of 51 years old, he is blessed with many years of experience, though in his mind and heart he is still young.
"Since 1993 I have been guiding for several tour companies and I still enjoy every minute of my work. Being a guide for Great Lakes Safaris enables me to enrich my ability and service. I love to share my knowledge with the guests and want to learn from them as well. Besides, I always try to give my clients a personal memory of Uganda by showing them a hidden viewpoint, teaching a local song or telling a typical story."

7.   Change in price
With effect of July 1st 2006 Uganda Wildlife Authority has slightly increased her tariffs on national parks and activities. The most considerable change is the increase of the rates of the gorilla permit with USD $15 and the chimp trekking in Kibale with USD $20. Unlike our neighbouring country Tanzania, entrance fees are nearly staying the same. Moreover, chimp habituation will become more attractive: rates will reduce with 30-50%!

8.   Permits available
For high season we stil have some permits available. So if you want to track the mountain gorillas on any of the following dates, you are guaranteed of a permit!
      18th August 2006        2 permits available
      24th August 2006        1 permit available
      5th September 2006    2 permits available
      6th September 2006
    4 permits available
      20th December 2006   6 permits available
Permits can be booked in combination with a tour to other national parks, completely adapted to your wishes. But book early as competition is high!

9.   Testimonial
Apurva A Modi and his family travelled with us in April 2006. This is what they say about their safari:
“We had a great time in Uganda and Beki was an excellent guide. He knew lots of people and hence, could make last minute arrangements for whatever we wanted. We were really impressed with that.
We saw lots of wildlife and of course Kibale and Bwindi were highlights of the trip. A visit to the orphanage at Bwindi was humbling and the dances performed by the children were astounding. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a stunning park with lots to offer, especially the bat and python caves. Murchison's has its own beauty and the Nile cruise was fantastic.
To sum it all in the words of my wife and mine: this was the best trip we have ever had in our life" keeping in mind that we have done considerable amount of travelling in the past. We will definitely recommend Great Lakes to all our family and friends.”

Next edition
Find out more about Uganda’s most beautiful national park: Murchison Falls NP! We will give you five reasons why you can’t miss a visit to this protected area. Furthermore you will find an introduction about Nshenyi; a new conception in cultural tourism!

If you have any questions or comments concerning the newsletter please contact us!

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