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August 2006

This month in the Great Lakes Safaris NEWSLETTER: everything about the beauty of Murchison Falls National Park, the ultimate cultural experience at Nshenyi Village and don't miss the special offer for next year!

1.   Murchison Falls NP
After five hours driving from Kampala you will find Murchison Falls, the largest conservation area in Uganda. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful and spectacular national parks in Africa!
We will give you five reasons why this park can't be missed out on a safari. Murchison FallsAdditional reasons you will find out yourself once you're there!

(1)  Extraordinary diversity
While palm-dotted hills and widespread savannah plains dominate the northern part of the park, the southern sector is characterized by riverine woodland and forested slopes. Rolling grasslands are relieved by lakes and inaccessible papyrus swamps. The rich and diverse eco-system in Murchison Falls will never stop amazing you!
(2)  Excellent wildlife viewing
After the tumultuous years in the 80s, the wildlife population has largely recovered. Nowadays you will have a fair chance to encounter the Big Four: the elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard. You will also find different types of antelopes, patas monkeys, warthogs and hyenas. Even chimpanzees can be visited in Rabongo Forest, while large hippo families and many crocodiles are observed at the shores of the Nile. Murchison Falls is also a paradise for birders. Not less than 450 different bird species can be found here. Look out for a variety of water birds, colourful bee-eaters and even the rare shoebill stork.
(3)  Spectacular waterfalls
The national park derives its name from the spectacular Murchison Falls, discovered by Sir Stanley Baker in 1864. Here, the longest river in the world is forced into a seven meter crevice to thunder 45 meters below. Every second 360,000 liters water are plunged into the deep pool. It is the most powerful natural flow on earth that even causes rocks shaking from the force of the water!
(4)  Home of the Long Necks
On the northern bank of the area it is the Rotschild's Giraffe that gracefully stands out on the savannah plains. Murchison Falls is the only easy accessible park in Uganda where giraffes can be viewed.
(5)  Multiple activities
The abundant flora and fauna will invite you on a game drive through the northern section, the best place for wildlife viewing. A three-hour cruise on the river Nile will allow you to view the Falls at close quarters. On your way you will pass herds of elephants and hippos cooling off, crocodiles lying lazy at the shores and dense papyrus swamps that hide the rare Shoebill. The more adventurous traveler may choose to hike on the Top of the Falls and view the waterfall from different angles. Or go in search of the chimps and other primates in Rabongo Forest. Even fisherman can test their skills and try to catch a Nile Perch.

You will find that just one visit is not enough!

2.   JATA Travel Fair
This year Great Lakes Safaris will be present at the JATA World Travel Fair in Japan. The fair will be held from September 22nd till 24th. By attending "Asia's Largest Travel Fair" we have the unique chance to introduce and promote Uganda as an unparalleled tourist destination at the Asian market.
The fair has been organized successfully since 1984 in the metropolis of Tokyo, aimed at improving benefits for both the tourism industry and travelers through organized business exchange.

3.   Nshenyi Village
Imagine yourself in the heart of the Ugandan countryside. A getaway in the hectic life of today. An undiscovered refuge where pace and pressure seem worlds away and you can relax in the raw comforts of nature.

Nshenyi Village is a cultural immersion in the heart of Africa! Located approximately 2 hours from Mbarara, the village is nestled in the rolling hills of the Ankole Kingdom. You will enjoy your stay at the Ankole cow at Nshenyi Villagecharming and spacious farm, decorated according to the local customs.
Come and milk cows with your bare hands, accompany children to school, find out how matoke and other local food is prepared, or follow the Kagera Trail to the natural border with Rwanda and Tanzania. At night you will enjoy traditional dances and songs, while a camp fire warms the cool evening...

Do you want to experience the authentic way of living? Taste the simplicity of the Ugandan countryside and explore the rural charm of untouched Africa? Then make sure you don't miss this opportunity! We will be happy to give you a foretaste of the highlight of your safari! Inquire now by email and check the website of Nshenyi Village that will be available soon!

4.   Special offer!
Why wait with booking your safari?!
To meet the high demand for the gorilla tracking, we have booked gorilla permits for several dates in high season next year. For the early bookers we have a special discount:
gorilla permits are now at USD$ 360 per person instead of USD$ 375. Read more details.

5.   Permits available
For this year we still have some permits available. Thus if you want to track the mountain gorillas on any of the following dates, you are guaranteed of a permit!
      5th September 2006      2 permits available
      9th September 2006
      1 permit available
      10th September 2006
    2 permits available
      19th September 2006    1 permit available
      18th October 2006         1 permit available
      20th December 2006     6 permits available
Permits can be booked in combination with a tour to other national parks, completely adapted to your wishes. But book early as competition is high!

6.   Testimonial
Ivano Adversi and his family are from Italy and travelled with us just a month ago. This is what they say about their safari:
“During July and August we were in Uganda for a journey in some national parks with Great Lakes Safaris travel agency. The trip was good, because Uganda is a beautiful country with many interesting places to see. Our itinerary was studied in advance by Great Lakes Safaris and during the trip it appeared to be well constructed. Nevertheles we wanted to make some changes to ensure the best success of our journey, which was no problem after we contacted the agency's staff.
Some suggestions for Uganda visitors: don't forget to include Ishasha River Camp in Queen Elizabeth and Semliki National Park in your itinerary. Another good place to visit is the region of the Crater Lakes near Fort Portal, and moreover, the road from Fort Portal to Murchison Falls. You must leave very early and will arrive late in the afternoon, but stop regularly to see the very interesting villages and the daily life. It is a stunning experience!

Next edition
The next edition will be all about the primates in Uganda. Find out why Kibale National Park is the best place in East-Africa to meet our closest relatives and how the dense wooded area can be enjoyed optimally.
A new lodge in the middle of the park will enable you to experience the wonders of this beautiful tropical rain forest! In the next issue we will also introduce another member of the Great Lakes Safari Guides team! Don't miss it...


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