Great Lakes Safaris


Great Lakes Safaris

August 2007

In this edition we will continue our journey along the most beautiful natural attractions of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Also we will update you about the succesful developments at Primate Lodge Kibale and Africa Within will give a brief review of their filming trip with us.

1.   Queen Elizabeth NP
Like we explained before, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a park with an enormous diversity in flora and fauna.
Let us guide you along the most amazing spots of the national park:

*** Kasenyi ***
The northern sector of the national park is called Kasenyi, or better known as the "Kobs Mating Ground". In this open savannah area you will find hundreds of Uganda Kobs. The Kob is an elegant antelope, similar to the impala, that lives in harems up to twenty females, leaded by one dominant male. Consequently, it is not exceptional to encounter a hungry lion in this area, waiting for his chance to pounce on one of these unsuspecting animals. Big herds of buffaloes, giant forest hogs, warthogs, monitor lizards and sometimes a lonely elephant can be seen during a game drive in Kasenyi as well.

*** Maramagambo Forest ***
A part of Queen Elizabeth National Park consists of tropical Blue Lake Maramagambo Forestrain forest, including the legendary Maramgambo Forest. It is one of the largest forests in Uganda, with different walking trails traced out. A guided nature walk will lead you through the lush primary forest, home to a large number of primates, butterflies and bird species. Baboons, vervet monkeys, black-and-white colobus monkeys and even chimpanzees can be hiding high in the trees or down in the bushes. Deeper in the forest you will find the Bat Cave, a large cave which serves as a shelter for thousands of Egyptian Fruit Bats and pythons that prey on these bats. Nearby is also the tranquil, picturesque Blue Lake; as the name implicates, it is famous for the intense blue colour of the water.

But this is not all! Make sure you don't miss the next edition when we reveal even more natural wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park...

2.  Preparations CHOGM
As many of you probably know, Uganda will be the host country of the Commonwealth Heads of Govenment Meeting (CHOGM). This meeting is held every two years and brings together leaders from all over the world to discuss global and commonwealth issues.

Scheduled to take place in November of this year, Uganda has already been in preparations for a long time. Roads are under repair and new hotels are established in order to accommodate the expected guests. Also hotel staff is being trained to increase their skills in customer service. Moreover, the International Airport in Entebbe is being fully renovated at the moment. The constructions include the expansion of the arrivals hall, establishment of two passenger bridges, a new domestic passenger terminal, refurbishment of the departure lounge and a planned VIP terminal. Another initiative is the CHOGM Cultural Village that will be opened at the Uganda Museum. This cultural village will represent the modern architectural heritage and remain as a tourist attraction after the event.

Obviously, Uganda is proud to host the highly important Commonwealth Meeting. It is a unique opportunity to show the world of what Uganda is capable of!

3.   Primate Lodge Kibale
While Kampala is currently characterized by the ongoing activities, we haven't been sitting still either! As announced in the Newsletter of October 2006, Great Lakes Safaris Ltd. will be expanded with her own luxury safari lodge, situated at a unique location in Kibale National Park.
Since December last year we have been fully dedicated to the construction and renovation work, and so far very positive comments are received. Of course we would like to share the developments with you as well, so take a look at some photos of the restaurant, bar, lounge, tent interior, and tent exterior. We hope you will be pleased with the progress!

Slowly the hard work of the last months is coming to an end and has already been rewarded with the arrival of the first guests at the lodge. We will keep you updated and are looking forward to welcome you at Primate Lodge Kibale! Click here for more details and photos...

4.   Visa requirements
Please note that effective July 2007 Uganda increased the costs for the visa, in order to harmonize it with her neighbouring countries Kenya and Tanzania. A single entry visa is now US $50 per person, while a multiple entry visa for one year costs US $200 per person. Visas can be obtained upon arrival at Entebbe Airport and at other border entry points.

In addition to the required visa, you must also be in possession of a valid passport and be able to show an international inoculation certificate against Yellow Fever.

5.   Permits available
2007 is only halfway but we can already define it as a tumultuous year. There has been a great run on gorilla permits, especially in the months of July and August, and inevitably many people got dissapointed by the fully booked tracking dates.

But no need to worry! Great Lakes Safaris has already blocked some permits for next year's season. Thus if you want to track the mountain gorillas on any of the following dates, you are guaranteed of a permit!
          9th July 2008          6 permits available
        19th July 2008          6 permits available
        11th August 2008      8 permits available
        20th August 2008      8 permits available

Permits can be booked in combination with a tour to other national parks, completely adjusted to your wishes. However, we advise you to book early to avoid dissapointment in the future!

6.   Testimonial
Jo-Anne Johnson is a member of the Africa Within filming crew, who visited Uganda at the end of May 2007. In her following statement she reflects the impressive tour that she made:
"Thank you so much for a great trip. I had so many misconceptions about Uganda, but like one of the producers said "to truly know Africa one must move away from the city and find out who the real people of a country are". And thanks to Africa Within I am glad I got the opportunity to do so.
It was an experience I will never forget. I learned that the quality of ones life outweighs the quantity of ones wealth, and the beauty that surrounds them makes the people of Uganda so much more beautiful.
Thank you Uganda and God bless!"


Next edition
In the next edition we will continue with our revelation of the most beautiful, hidden places of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Don't miss next edition for the latest news from Uganda!


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