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April 2007

The first newsletter of 2007 we would like to start with a big thank you to all the people that visited our stand at the different tourist fairs in Europe. Now don't wait any longer and find out who the winner is of the amazing CHIMP safari...!

1.   Last King of Scotland
Good chance that you have already seen the film, and if you haven't it is definitely worth a visit. "The Last King of Scotland" tells a true and cruel story about the history of Uganda. It was mainly shot in Uganda and illustrates the life up country and in the capital Kampala.

"The Last King of Scotland" is about a Scottish doctor, Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) who is employed by one of the most notorious dictators in history, Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker). The film follows Garrigan as he is first mystified and later terrified by the new president and his power, as he slowly discovers the true horrors of Amin's regime. "The Last King of Scotland" is named after the title with which Idi Amin crowned himself. Read more...

The film will leave you deeply impressed, bewildered and with great disbelief. However, it also reminds you how much Uganda has changed after Idi Amin's regime. It is now a country of political and economical stability, a lush and fertile land that is still pure. The natural beauty of the nation known as the "Pearl of Africa" and the warmth and friendliness of the Ugandan people remained all along...

2.  KLM upgrades!
For more than a year now KLM is offering regular flights from Amsterdam to Entebbe, making it possible for travellers to have a direct, convenient flight from Europe. From March this year the airline has even upgraded the aircraft to a new Airbus. The A330-200 is not only provided with all modern features but also offers seats for more than 250 passengers. Moreover, KLM has switched to a new time table. Flights are scheduled on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Amsterdam to Entebbe and vice versa. The departure time remains unchanged.

3.   Winner of the Chimp Safari...
Are you ready for an unforgettable meeting with the chimpanzees of Uganda?

During the several tourist fairs in Europe we gave you the opportunity to test your knowledge about Uganda and win an amazing Chimp Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

We asked you three questions and here are the answers:
(1) The Rwenzori Mountains are also referred to as:
      - (B) - The Mountains of the Moon
(2) Where is the origin of the river Nile?
      - Lake Victoria
(3) Which forest boosts the highest concentration of primates in       Africa?      
      - Kibale Forest National Park

All participants could win a fantastic Chimp Safari, including: 3 nights in Jinja, at the Source of the Nile - a visit to Jane Goodall's Ngamba Island - an unforgettable chimp tracking in Kibale Forest National Park - 2 nights in the middle of the African jungle - an exciting raft adventure at the Nile - a beautiful eco-tourist walk in Bigodi Swamp.

And the winner is...

Laura Sesar Garcia from Spain

On behalf of the Great Lakes Safaris team we would like to congratulate you with winning a 6-day Chimpanzee Safari and we will be in contact with you soon!
And if your name is not listed above, don't be disappointed because this safari is available for you as well! Just contact us for more details and rates.

This amazing Chimp Week is offered to you by Great Lakes Safaris Ltd. in cooperation with Adrift and Eden Rock Resort.

4.   Permits available
For this year we still have some permits available. Thus if you want to track the mountain gorillas on any of the following dates, you are guaranteed of a permit!
      16th July 2007        4 permits available
      4th August 2007
      6 permits available
Permits can be booked in combination with a tour to other national parks, completely adapted to your wishes. But book early as competition is high!

5.   Testimonial
Xavier Sagaert and his friend Ben from Belgium travelled in February with us. This is what they say about their safari:
"Last week we safely returned from an absolutely extraordinary 10-day stay in your country.
Walking among the zebras, impalas and buffaloes in Lake Mburo NP, watching the lions in Queen Elizabeth NP, tracking the chimpanzees in Kibale Forest NP, navigating on the Victoria Nile through hippos, crocodiles, water buffaloes and elephants in Murchison Falls NP, relaxing on the deserted, Caribbean-like island of Bulago in Lake Victoria... it all made Uganda one of our most memorable holidays ever!

Of course the highlight of our trip was our gorilla adventure in Bwindi NP. Seeing, feeling, hearing these magnificent animals up close in their natural habitat of the rain forest was truly a once in a lifetime experience never to forget.
Most of all, we were really impressed by the professionalism of your travel company. The service was more than excellent and every detail was meticulously taken care of. Upon arrival at Entebbe Airport, we were met by our guide Noel and from that moment on all we had to do was to relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of your country. Noel was simply the best guide we could have dreamed of. He navigated the sometimes dangerous roads of Uganda, delivering us safely at our destinations. Moreover, his enthusiasm and personal knowledge gave our trip an extra, unforgettable dimension.

Without any doubt, I recommend Great Lakes Safaris to all who want to experience the best that Africa has to offer, begin in its Pearl Uganda."


Next edition
In the next edition you will read about the beauty of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Amaze yourself by the peacefully grazing Kobs and elephants in the wide savannah plains, the herds of hippos in the Kazinga Channel, the tree climbing lions in Ishasha, the picturesque Blue Lake in Maramgambo Forest and the wild chimps in the Kyambura Gorge. A true paradise with rich wildlife, colourful bird species and unparalleled diversity!


If you have any questions or comments concerning the newsletter please contact us!

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