Gorilla Safari Information


No African safari tour is complete without seeing the Mountain Gorillas. Go on gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda! Experience an unforgettable meeting with these gentle apes yourself! A gorilla safari is easy to book and we would be happy to provide you with a suitable itinerary. Please check our sample itineraries to obtain ideas for your safari or contact us to create a tailor-made tour.


For this once in a lifetime gorilla trekking experience, Great Lakes Safaris will need to buy your gorilla trekking permit in advance.  Only 8 people per group are allowed to trek each day. It is therefore necessary to book permits as early as possible. We strongly advise you book at least 3 months in advance to ensure that you can track on the requested date, especially if you plan to trek during the peak season (school holidays) or you are in a large group.

Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda

Uganda gorilla trekking permits cost High season – $600 | Low season – $450 per person, inclusive of park entry fees, and must be paid for in full in advance. Prices may increase in 2013. Uganda gorilla trekking permits  are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda

Rwanda gorilla trekking permits increased to $750 in June 2012. They include park entry fees and must be paid for in full in advance. Rwanda gorilla trekking permits  are issued by the  Rwanda Development Board and will be purchased on your behalf by Great Lakes Safaris.

Sale conditions of the gorilla permit

  • Any visitor who shows signs of a communicable illness (such as a cold or flu) will not be allowed to join the gorilla tour. If a visitor is declared unfit to trek due to illness, 50% of the gorilla tracking fee will be refunded, subject to the discretion of the UWA warden-in-charge. The cancellation policy will apply to visitors who fall sick prior to their travel to the parks.
  • Permits are non-refundable. However, visitors who track the Mountains Gorillas for the whole day and are (in the highly unlucky 2% of visitors who don’t see them), for whatever reason, will be refunded 50% of the gorilla trekking fee.
  • Purchasing a gorilla permit is not a guarantee that Mountains Gorillas will be clearly seen.
  • The minimum age limit for visiting the gorillas is 15 years old.

By following these rules and through the purchase of the gorilla trekking permit, YOU too are contributing to the conservation of the mountain gorilla. The wildlife authorities  use the funds generated from the sale of your gorilla trekking permit to manage the national parks. Twenty per cent of park entrance fees are invested in local community projects for people living adjacent to the parks  – across Uganda. Contributing to these communities’ development helps improve natural resource management and gives local people a direct and positive link to conservation and tourism.



Are you planning to be part of a visit to a mountain gorilla family? For information on gorillas, their habitats and conservation, check out the following web sites:

Recommended literature

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