Gorilla Families in Rwanda

Habituated gorilla families in Rwanda

There are seven gorilla families available for tourists to visit in Rwanda, with 8 tourists allowed per group. Let us introduce you to Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas!

Susa – this group of 41 gorillas is Rwanda’s largest. This family is the hardest to trek as they tend to range high into the mountains.

Sabyinyo – led by the powerful silverback Guhonda, this group is easily accessible.

Amahoro – meaning ‘peaceful is a family of 17 members. There is a fairly steep climb to reach Amahoro.

Group 13 – when first habituated this group had only 13 members; they are now approximately 25.

Kwitonda – this 18-member group migrated from DRC and tend to range far, making it a moderately difficult trek.

Umubano – Umubano (a family of 11) broke off from the Amahoro group after the dominant silverback was challenged by Charles, now the leader of Umubano.

Hirwa – this recent group was formed from different families, namely from Group 13 and Sabyinyo.