Oliver’s Camp Ruaha

LOCATION: 300 km from the capital city.

Remote Ruaha, covering some 12,950 sq km, 625 kms from Dar es Salaam, derives its name from the mighty Ruaha river that forms part of its South-eastern boundary. Ruaha can only be visited in the dry season July-December. The park’s altitude (750m – 1,900m) creates four different flora zones: river valleys, savannahs, moimba woodland and undulating bus country. Over 400 species of birdlife have been sighted and its proliferation of large mammals includes Elephant, Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, numerous ‘Plains Gam’ Antelope, the occasional Leopard and Cheetah. The river is rich in Hippo and Crocodile. Since the only lodge is unfenced, game roams freely there at night.

Oliver’s Camp is situated on the border to Tarangire National Park, about a two hour drive from the parks main gate. The design has been kept as environmentally friendly as possible and the tents have been sited amongst the natural features of this landscape. The Base Camp stays in this area for up to six-month as it is very comfortable. Large twin-bedded tents are individually sited and furnished with wooden beds, coffee tables, chairs, camp-style wardrobes, wash basins and a toilet-shower extension all under a twenty six by twelve foot spread of canvas which includes two covered verandahs. Freshly prepared food is served in the dining tent and cold drinks are available. Camp lighting is subtle, electric twelve volt inside and hurricane lamps outside.