Western Kenya

Western Kenya

Western part of Kenya has many attractions; the countryside is beautiful with rolling hills, green bushes of vast tea plantations.
In the far west is lake Victoria with the city of Kisumu on its shores with tempting possibilities of many activities. To the south are the islands of Rusinga and Mfangano, and a short distance gets to the North lies the Kakamega Forest with is lush vegetation and abundant wild life. Close to the regional town of Kitale are the National parks of Mt Elgon and Saiwa swamp, and further north are the Cherangani hills, which drop dramatically to the Kerio Valley.
Busia and Malaba are the gateways to Uganda and Isebania sits on the Tanzanian Border. This makes this place ideal for combining trips to our neighbouring countries.

Kenya safari highlights

  • Exploring the tiny island of rusinga and mfangano on lake Victoria
  • Staying at rodo treat and exploring thr birdlife, flora and fauna.
  • Trekking through the cherangani hills and down kerio valley.
  • Discovering the caves at mount Elgon.
  • Camping in Ruma National Park.

The city of Kisumu is accessible many flights landing and taking off to and from Nairobi. This new city has an easy town life with plenty of vibrate entertainment life. The lake is a big link for the 3 East African countries; a small harbor and one get ferry services to Uganda and Tanzania. A tour of the city will give show you what a typical African life can be.


  • Impala sanctuary
  • Bird sanctuary
  • Ndere Island National Park
  • Kisumu museum
  • Ruma National Park
    Here you will see the last of Kenya’s Roan antelope, go for trekking, climbing, safaris and fishing. Camping sites available.


These islands are rugged, beautiful and a must to explore, visit the Mt Kwitutu and the mausoleum of Tom Mboya in Rusinga.


Kakamega forest is a superb slab of virgin tropical rainforest the heart of an intensely cultivated agricultural area. It is the home to a huge variety of birds and animals and it is real a must see. Here you will fins exotic species like the rare De Brazza’s monkey, other forest primates include the red-tailed monkey the colobus and blue monkey. In the night you will see the hammer-headed fruit bat or a flying squirrel.

The biggest attraction to this reserve is the abundant bird life the best months being June, August and October when many migrate species arrive. More than 300 species of birds have been recorded, you are most likely to see black and white casqued horn bill, Ross’s Turaco ,greater Turaco. Wild flowers and butterflies are wonderful in October.
This is an excellent place for walking trails the best way to appreciate the forest and there are established trails.


Mt Elgon sits astride the Kenya –Uganda borders 169 sq km. It has excellent terrain for trekking due to the lower altitude the conditions are not extreme. This Mountain is an extinct volcano and with a peak and a crater and there are hot springs in the crater itself the floor of which is around 3500m above the sea level.
The biggest attraction here are the elephants, renowned the world over for their predilection for digging salt, the major source of which is in the caves. Stories abound that the elephants have dug all the cave in Mt Elgin. There are four many caves open to visitors, Kitum this is the place to see the elephants if you get there before dawn ,Chepnyalil, Mackingeny has a cascading across the entrance.

The mountain” fauna and flora are also a great attraction, a rain forest at the base, the vegetation changes as you ascend to the Bamboo jungle and finally alpine moorland with bizarre giant groundsel and giant lobelia
Is home to the blavckand white colombus, crowned crane, queen of the marsh, cape clawless and spot-throat otters. This park is only accessible on foot on walking trials.
There no lodges at Mt Elgon, people stay at a campsite or some simple