Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara

LOCATION: 300 km from the capital city of Nairobi.

This is the jewel of Kenya’s game parks – Masai Mara located in the northern section of the great Serengeti plains. This is where a million wildebeests and zebra make their perilous annual migration of crossing from Serengeti, Tanzania to Masai Mara Kenya.

They can actually be seen as they cross the Mara River every July and august and this is one of the greatest spectacle, and the biggest wildlife show on earth. The animal’s transverse the landscape to feed on the rich new grass and to give birth to their young. This Game reserve is home to the “Big Five”– elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino, as well as many other species including the cheetah, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, hippo, impala, gazelle. And numerous other wildlife including hundreds of species of birds.

In the morning, you will be awakened before dawn by birds singing, hyenas laughing. The Mara is magical in the morning: the birds are singing, the morning air smells fresh and cool, and the wildlife are just waking up to greet the day. Zebra’s frolic and greet each other, a pair of jackals prance through the grass in search of mice or a rabbit, baboons chatter noisily while curious giraffe watch you as they nibble on their breakfast of acacia leaves. You may even come upon a family of Lions feeding together on last night’s kill, or a leopard snoozing in a tree in search for the “Big Five”. Don’t forget to look for the “little five” – Thompson’s gazelle, jackal, African hare’, monkeys, and banded mongoose. These little animals can be just as exciting and more fun to watch than the more popular larger animals.

Take an early morning hot air balloon ride to watch sunrise and game from the clouds up. And arrive from the air to a champagne breakfast in the bush.

Kenya Safari

The Park is located in the land of the Maasai people. They have a rich culture full of grace. They have undergone very little change and they still live their rich culture. There are stories of a Moran (an unmarried young man) killing a lion as the initiation to manhood, as well as their love for their cattle. To the Maasai, all the cows in this world belong to them. This people have resisted the test and the tide of time and a visit to the Maasai village for a lecture or and evening dance will be inspiring, and is highly recommended.


There are all weather Airstrips in the lodges at Masai Mara, and daily flights from Nairobi to Masai Mara.There are plenty of lodges to choose from and the range is far and wide from Luxury tented camps, up market lodges and tented camps, to budget lodges and camp sites for the budget travelers.
You will have a wide variety to choose from. Every one is catered for at Masai Mara. And below we present some of the best places one can stay on a Safari to Masai Mara.