Pasa – Chimpanzee at Ngamba Island Sanctuary

Hi, my name is Pasa.

I was born in November 1999 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was only a few months old when I got caught and sold by a Congolese trader to a man from Arusha. Luckily he realized that he was breaking the law and handed me over to the safe hands of UWEC. Because I was still so young I needed 24-hour human care. But soon I managed to recover and get strong enough to join the juvenile group on Ngamba Island.

I was named after the “Pan African Sanctuary Allicance” which was formed during a workshop held at the time of my confiscation. This alliance works together to try and stop the root cause of the chimpanzee-orphan-crisis (bush meat trade and habituation destruction).

I am now very happy at Ngamba Island, where I can play in the forest and have many friends around. But what I still love most is piggyback riding with my caregivers and visitors, especially during the walk in the forest! So come and let me ride on your back!

Pasa - Chimp Ngamba Island