Walking the Nile with Levison Wood

Walking the Nile with Levison Wood
Walking the Nile 2014

Walking the Nile with Levison Wood

4250 Miles. 12 Months. 7 Countries. On 3 December 2013 Levison Wood set off on a world first expedition: to become the first person in history to walk the entire length of the River Nile via the longer White Nile route.

The expedition will be filmed for a 4-part documentary on Channel 4 due to air in 2014, which will follow Levisons epic journey from the Source to the sea. He will explore the African continent in the most ambitious and intimate way possible, by tackling the immense wetlands of the Sudd Swamp, finding his way through the jungles and crossing the Sahara Desert.

The trip will start in the highlands of Rwanda as the Nile follows a meandering course through the jungles of Tanzania and Uganda, skirting Lake Victoria before entering the wilds of South Sudan. After navigating the biggest swamp in the world, Levison will cross into North Sudan and then traverse the desert around Lake Nasser and into Egypt for the final 1000 mile walk to the Mediterranean Sea.

Levison will encounter hippos, crocodiles and lions. He will pass the Mountains of the Moon and meet people forging new countries out of the ruins of war and revolution. He will stand where Stanley met Livingstone and trace the old Arab slave route. He will wrestle with the Dinka of South Sudan and meet mercenaries, poachers and missionaries before arriving at this final destination.

Great Lakes Safaris is proud to be part of this extraordinary expedition! The safari company has been selected to assist with the ground arrangements in Uganda for British journalist Ashwin Bhardway, who will soon be joining Lev Wood on his Walking the Nile Expedition. His experiences will be featured in the BA High Life Magazine.

Watch this space for more details on Walking the Nile expedition! Or view videos and daily updates on Walking the Nile.

Meet Ashwin Bhardway and find out how he has been training for his spectacular journey:

Training to Walk the Nile

Ashwin Bhardwaj trains to join Levison Wood on his Walking the Nile Expedition