“Virunga” movie by Leonardo DiCaprio

“Exhilarating!” “Stunning!” “Heart-stopping!” These are some of the words that the media used to describe the newest movie produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

VIRUNGA is the incredible true story of a group of brave people risking their lives to build a better future in a forgotten part in Africa: Virunga National Park in eastern Congo. It is one of the most bio-diverse places on earth and home to the planet’s last remaining mountain gorillas. But apart from the incredible natural beauty, the movie also illustrates the conflict between park rangers striving to protect the gorillas from poachers and the industry encroaching on their natural habitats.

Save the mountain gorillas

“Films like Virunga are powerful stories that are a window into the incredible cultural and natural diversity of our world, the forces that are threatening to destroy it, and the people who are fighting to protect it,” DiCaprio said.

Netflix and Leonardo DiCpario teamed up for the documentary VIRUNGA which was released on 7th November on Netflix and in numerous theaters in the United States. This year the movie has won 23 international film awards already.

Director Orlando van Einsiedel, who filmed in the Virunga National Park for over two years comments: “What is happening in the Virunga National Park is an urgent story that every one of us should know about. It’s a story that will profoundly affect us all in years to come and speaks about what sort of world we want our children and grandchildren to group up in.”

Bordering Cong’s Virunga National Park and being home to more than half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas, Great Lakes Safaris is delighted with this initiative. Please help us to save the African wilderness and ensure that Virunga National Park continues to live forever.

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