USAID Biodiversity Program in Budongo

Chimp in Budongo Forest Reserve

In March, Uganda Lodges had the pleasure to host the Launch of the USAID Tourism for Biodiversity Program at Budongo Eco Lodge.

The program was launched by the US Ambassador Scott DeLisi. USAID has partnered with Uganda in tourism to preserve the inspiring national parks, its abundant wildlife and, the diverse bird and primate populations. Being part of a global mission, the four year Biodiversity Program is aimed at  enhancing communities’ stake in protecting biodiversity in Uganda by increasing the benefits they receive from eco-tourism.

Chimp Budongo Forest Reserve

Chimpanzee in Budongo Forest Reserve

“We are here to launch a new program that will help Ugandans to preserve their heritage, so that it can be shared with all the nation’s citizens and with the world,” mentioned DeLisi. The Biodiversity Program will use tourism to deliver conservation in selected protected areas and central forest reserves. It will increase the capacity of Ugandans to manage their nation’s biodiversity. It will also improve the marketing of eco-tourism and provide local communities with the opportunity to develop tourism businesses and services, giving them a stake in the preservation of their own country’s natural resources, increasing the economic benefits they receive from living next to protected areas, and reducing the threats to Uganda’s wide variety of wildlife and habitats across the landscape.”

The ambassador finished his speech with the following remarks: “We are engaging communities, giving them reason to invest in protecting biodiversity, and seeking to shape Ugandan tourism in a way that will benefit those who make that investment. It is a very exciting. and promising time and I believe that together we can shape a new narrative about Uganda’s future.”

Would you like to be part of preserving Uganda’s biodiversity and enjoy the beauty that the protected areas have to offer? Visit Budongo Forest Reserve in Murchison Falls National Park and stay at Budongo Eco Lodge!

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