Uganda’s currency third in the world


Uganda’s 50,000 Shillings note has been named among the nine most beautiful currencies in the world. According to the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) ratings, the note’s distinctly rich and well-design features, make it the 3rd most beautiful currency in the world.


Uganda 50 000 shillings note

The note is rich in features capturing Uganda’s natural endowments and cultural heritage. It include amon others the watermark of the head of a crested crane, an outline of Uganda’s map, the profile of man wearing Karamojong head dress, patterns based on indigenous basket work and the Independance Monument. In addition, the front shows the Bwindi tropical rainforest while the back of the note is dominated by the illustrations of silverback mountain gorillas.

Since its establishment in 1966, the Bank of Uganda has changed currencies seven times. But none has ever been globally rated so highly like the Shs 50,000 crisp notes issued in 2010.