Uganda – “Africa’s new frontier”

Every year the National Geographic Traveler selects 20 of the Must-See places in the world. And once again, Uganda has made it to the top highlights being referred to as “Africa’s new frontier”.

Despite being once the cornerstone of Africa’s Grand Tour, National Geographic realizes that Uganda is today bypassed by most visitors. Safari-lovers line up in the well-known neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania, and only a few come to Uganda to see the famed mountain gorillas.

Crater Lake at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Crater Lake at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Yet is has so much more to offer. The land mixes savanna, enormous lakes, pristine rain forests and the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains. It is home to the Source of the river Nile, which bursts with an amazing power through a cleft in the rocks at Murchison Falls. The parade of animals is extremely diverse, from hippos graze along the shores of Lake Edward, lions lounge in the trees of Ishasha and the mountain gorillas living peacefully in the impenetrable forest of Bwindi National Park.

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