Our new Newsletter – Jungle Tales no. 1

Greetings from the jungle…

A very warm hello to you all, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you back from the year of the chimp. Congratulations upon your safe return.

By now we know you are probably wondering why this edition of our newsletter was dubbed “Jungle Tales | Year of the Chimp.”

The Jungle tales will be a monthly publication from us. But based on our bookings and findings, the chimpanzees topped the list in the volumes of traffic, not to mention, 2015 was the first year a Chimpanzee was recognized as a legal person! Yes, who said evolution is a one way road.

So in light of that fact, we at Great Lakes Safaris declared 2015 the year of the Chimp. And on that note, allow us to wish you a very blessed and fruitful journey through 2016.

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