NEW: Golden Monkey Habituation

Golden Monkey

The Golden Monkey may not be the most well known primate, but is certainly an enjoyable, little creature that is worth visiting. It is a small curious monkey, golden in colour and loves to scamper around the trees.

There is an estimated 3000-4000 individuals living in the bamboo forests of the Virunga Volcanoes, though researches claim that they are still very much endangered as they face the same difficulties as their cousins the Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda Wildlife Authority now offers you the golden opportunity to experience a Golden Monkey Habituation in Mgahinga National Park. Accompany the researches in the morning or afternoon to track the Golden Monkeys and stay with them for 4 hours. You will have the unique chance to get close to these little primates and study their behavior in their natural habitat. A unique experience that will enhance your primate safari in Uganda!

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