Kidepo National Park celebrates 50 years

Lions at Kidepo Valley National Park

Only a few months after being awarded by CNN Travel for being the third best wilderness park in Africa, Kidepo Valley National Park has another reason to celebrate. This year the protected area marks its 50 years of National Park status!

Kidepo Valley National Park was gazetted in 1962, soon after Uganda got her independence. With its rugged savannah, split by the Narus and Kidepo River, and Mount Morungole in the background, the park is famous for its unique scenery.

It is one of very few wilderness parks in the world enclosing a wide variety of wildlife. Of its over 80 mammal species, 28 are endemic to the region. Also unique bird species are in abundance. Kidepo is shaped like a bowel as a result of its terrain and this offers natural protection from encroachment hence reserving its eco-system. Hot springs, rivers and lush valleys are part of this very well reserved diverse habitat.

The name of the park derives from the word ‘Kidep’ which means ‘to pick’ in the local language. It was taken up by the first colonialists who transformed it into ‘Kidepo’.

Sharing borders with Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo National Park was once the playground of the late president Idi Amin. With only a few safari lodges and a handful of tourists that take time to visit this protected area, you will feel privileged to explore the hidden secrets of Kidepo Valley National Park!

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