Kenya marks 50 years of independance

Kenya celebrates 50 years of independance

Today, Thursday 12th December 2013, Kenya celebrates its 50th anniversary of independance.

It was on 12th December 1963 that Kenya became independent of Great Britain, after being ruled for 68 years. Two days of national celebrations have been announced while the Kenyans are reflecting on how their country has changed.

Kenya gold coin

Kenya’s gold coin worth Sh50

The celebrations started right after midnight, with the Kenyan flag raised in Uhuru Gardens – meaning ‘freedom’ in Swahili – an occasion akin to another one in December 1963, which was presided over by President Jomo Kenyatta. Climbers also raised another flag on the snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya.

In addition, President Uhuru launched a Sh50 gold coin to commemorate the country’s 50 years self rule. “The Kenya at 50 gold coin has got the map of Kenya a poignant reminder that we are one indivisible country”, Uhuru said.