Kampala – Entebbe Walk Challenge

Rahab walk 2014

Great Lakes Safaris CEO Amos Wekesa started the Kampala – Entebbe walk five years ago as a personal achievement. He invited some friends and together they decided that their walk should not only be a physcial challenge but also be meaningful and purposeful.

Now, five years later, over 200 people registered and contributed UGX 100,000 per person to join the Walk.

The start of 5th edition of the walk took place on 26th July at 05.30 am at ISU Lubowa in Kampala. Great Lakes Safaris was represented by 10 staff members, a tent and vehicle. After a walk of roughly 40 km the team arrived after 5 hours at Faze 3 Restaurant in Entebbe.

All proceeds that were collected from the walk are going to RAHAB, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates young girls affected by sexual exploitation and empower them for a personal and community transformation.

Join us next year and challenge yourself for a good cause!

Stretching before Rahab Walk

Rahab Walk 2014

Amos Wekesa and Rahab Walk