East Africa launches tourist visa in UK

East Africa launches joint tourist visa in UK

On Tuesday 5th November, East African countries Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya jointly launched the border-cross tourist visa which will be effective from 1 January 2014. The official launch was celebrated at the World Travel Market in the UK.

Currently tourists travelling between the neighbouring East African country must obtain a separate visa for each nation. However, thanks to the introduction of the joint tourist visa, visitors will now be able to cross countries and combine countries on a single trip with only one visa.

The Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda joint visa will cost $100. The aim is to simplify travel arrangements as well as creating a new brand for the whole region, opening up opportunities for joint marketing campaigns. Uganda Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Minister Maria Mutagamba said: “We are proud to invite our future tourists to experience a more accessible eastern Africa region. Visitors to our region will benefit from the new, more convenient multi-nation visa and will see the improvements in security, immigration systems, infrastructure and capacity building that this system brings.”

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East Africa launch joint tourist visa

East Africa launches joint tourist visa