A total of 7.9% of Kenya’s land is covered by National Park, encompassing no less than 59 separate reserves. Not all parks, however, are for going on Kenya safari though. Some are mountainous parks, others are Lake Ecosystem parks and there are marine parks too.Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve is one of the largest of its kind in Kenya. The area is famous for its stretches of white sandy beaches and the marine life in the area is of the liveliest in the country. Turtle and Whale islands are also in the area, offering the chance to get off the mainland for a while.

A trip to the East African country wouldn’t be complete without witnessing some of its fascinating wildlife up close. Masai Mara National Park is arguably the country’s most famous but definitely the most visited. Not merely has it got spectacular views in every corner of the park, but zebra and gazelle trek the park on their way to Tanzania. Hot on their tails are an assortment of predators such as cheetah, leopard and hyena.
At the beginning or end of your journey will be Nairobi, a commercial centre complete with sky rise buildings which gives the visitor an impression that it is a bustling city. As it only 90 miles from the equator, it can get very hot in the city centre so, thankfully, when you need to get out Nairobi National Park is just a few kilometres from the city centre.

Why KENYA, the ALTERNATIVE safari destination?

  • Home of the Mountain Gorilla
  • Authentic African Culture
  • Undiscovered
  • Comfortable Weather and excellent year-round viewing
  • Unparalleled Scenery
  • Lodges, Home stays and Budget Safari Camping
  • Great food
  • Safety and Reliability