AMREF Flying Doctors medevac insurance

Your safari in Uganda is without a doubt an experience of a lifetime, a journey that you may have been looking forward to and planning for years.

Understandably you don’t want to think of anything that can go wrong, but very occasionally it does, which is why we always recommend our clients take out travel insurance.

In the unfortunate case that you require urgent medical assistance during your Uganda safari, you need to make sure that your medical care is well arranged and fully covered.

In conjunction with AMREF Flying Doctors, Great Lakes Safaris offers you the opportunity to register for the medevac insurance Tourist Evacuation Scheme. This emergency medical insurance gives you access to emergency air evacuation, whenever it’s required and wherever you are, with all emergency evacuation costs completely covered.

NOTE: standard travel insurance does NOT normally cover these costs, but do read the small print first.


Why register with the Flying Doctor Services?

  • 24 hour access to medical care:
    Signing up for the Flying Doctor Services guarantees you access to medevac medical assistance 24 hours a day, no matter how remote your location in Uganda.
  • Full coverage:
    A medevac emergency air evacuation is very costly and your expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars. Registration with the medevac insurance AMREF Tourist Evacuation Scheme gives you full coverage of costs of the air ambulance, transport from the airstrip to the hospital and the first 24 hours in hospital.
  • Minimal costs:
    The cost for the insurance is minimal – only USD $15 per person for your entire safari (max. 30 days), whether you are travelling in Uganda, Rwanda or any other East African country.
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Your Tourist Evacuation Scheme insurance helps AMREF give medical assistance to local communities in East Africa

These special programs support the local communities in East Africa that require urgent and immediate care, but do not have access to medical assistance, nor have the money to pay for such expenses. AMREF’s planes take specialist surgeons to areas where there are no communications, limited medical services and little or no surgical services. They travel to inaccessible areas that can only be reached by plane, where health clinics and hospitals try to support hundreds of people staying in outlying villages, and where the only health facility may be a man selling paracetamol in a roadside kiosk.

Thanks to your contribution, people can be safely delivered into expert medical care and more lives can be saved.

Click here to contact Great Lakes Safaris and sign up to AMREF’s Flying Doctor Services for your Uganda safari.