Investment opportunites

Great Lakes Safaris is a rapidly growing Ugandan owned company running three accommodation facilities in the three main safari parks: Simba Safari Camp  in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Primate Lodge Kibale in Kibale Forest National Park and Budongo Eco Lodge in  Murchison Falls National Park.

Great Lakes Safaris has a number of investment opportunities that require partnerships in both management and financial operations.

Last year, Great Lakes Safaris signed a management contract with National Forest Authority (NFA) to manage and construct additional accommodation catering for upmarket travellers. The company will also be responsible for all tourist activities in the area, including chimp tracking, birding trails, nature walks and the chimp habituation experience.

Great Lakes Safaris and the potential investor will set up a separate company that will embark on the development of an upmarket lodge in the heart of Budongo Forest, an area of 825 square kilometers that is part of Murchison Falls National Park, one of the top 10 national parks in Africa.

Other opportunities that have business potential are canopy walks and ‘zip lining’ within the forest, which will give the already visiting tourists a reason to spend more time within the park.

Murchison Falls receives over 45,000 tourists a year, with the majority of foreign tourists being in the upmarket bracket. We envisage these visitors being the main supporters of the lodge we intend to construct.

Would you like to receive more details about our investment opportunities?

Feel free to contact Amos Wekesa, Managing Director of Great Lakes Safaris, for more information or visit our Uganda Lodges for more information about our current properties in the national parks.